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Share Navigator is a personalised, customised online community for people who want to learn how to profit from the stock market. 

Share Navigator is your secret sauce; your incubator for finding quality stocks at the right price to buy; your instant stock market training hub; your instant option trading hub; your daily stock market and options trading conference that has its foundation in community first.

Our stock market community is for both the total beginner and the advanced trader. 

We have 3 levels of membership and we encourage everyone to start with the free membership plan.... 

Level 1: FREE Membership Plan

You get:

  • Free Stock Market Courses: You get free access to 15 Stock Market courses. Starting with the basics of the stock market, how to use an online broker, how to find quality stocks, how to use technical analysis right through to advanced option trading strategies. It is all FREE!
  • Free Simulated Trading Account: This is great for total beginners. A great way for you to practice what you learn in our stock and option trading courses. this is a risk free platform for you to learn. Theory is great but practical experience is better! 
  • Stock Market Community: This is where likeminded people who want to learn about the stock market hangout. We post regularly about the stock market. You can ask questions, share your research, and learn from other members. This is a great way for you to learn!

Start with the Free plan!

Level 2: Stock Investor Club - €99 per annum 

Everything in FREE version plus:

  • Access to Our Stock Portfolio: We trade the stock market too. We share our current stock portfolio with you. You will see what stocks we are buying, what price we are buying them at and what price we intend to sell. You will also see what allocation of our portfolio we give to each stock 
  • Fundamental Research: There is one thing buying stocks and another thing to know why you are buying them. Our financial research looks back over 5 years for sales, profits, debt, dividends and profit margins. We also look ahead at projected sales and profits. Based on this research we give target prices for each stock. 
  • Technical Research: Charts helps us to identify shorter term entry and exit prices for a stock. We provide a comprehensive technical outlook for each stock which is updated regularly. 
  • Dedicated Community: This is a dedicated private members area for people who subscribe to our Stock Investor Club. This is where we discuss all of our stock investments, find new stocks to discuss and share all of research. this collaborative approach allows us to learn more about stocks in less amount of time. 


Level 3: Mentoring - €2,500 per annum

This level of membership will suit members who are actively investing or about to invest their hard earned cash in the stock market. This is the ultimate level of membership as we guide you every step of the way. 

You will get access to all areas of the platform plus:

  • One to One Portfolio Management: We will review your portfolio regularly (weekly if required) with you. We will help you to build a portfolio that is right for you. Every investor is different, some like taking more risk than others and therefore it is critical to build a portfolio that fits your investment goals. 
  • Our Stock and Option Trade Alerts: We will share all of our stock and option trades with you. We will outline the risks and rewards of each trade and discuss them in detail with you. 
  • Regular Support via Web Meetings/Phone Calls: We provide regular 'one to one' online meetings to discuss your portfolio and to access opportunities.
  • Returns: Our clients return an average of 25% per annum. 




Who is Share Navigator ?

Hi........... My name is Stephen Cox MBA and I am the founder of Share Navigator..... 

I'm a registered stock broker and a full time trader in stocks and options.... and have experienced first hand the ups and downs of the stock market over the past 20 years. 

Through my experience  I've managed to develop stock and options trading systems that consistently deliver results.... This success didn't come easy.... I made a fair amount of silly mistakes along the way too! Thankfully I learned from my mistakes and now on average 93% of my trades are profitable consistently delivering returns of 25% plus per annum!

This experience (good and bad) is the driving force behind the Share Navigator Community concept. You can learn from my mistakes/successes and the successes/mistakes of others without having to make them too! 

My passion is to help people make better investment decisions in the stock market. 

Join our community and let us help you to become a better investor/trader. Our Stock Market Community is Free! 

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